16:35 PM

Building Family Bonds by Celebrating Grandparents Day


This year will mark the 43rd year that Grandparents Day has been observed in the United States, but its founding didn’t come easily. In 1978, after almost 9 years of lobbying from citizens, President Jimmy Carter officially proclaimed the first Sunday after Labor Day as National Grandparents Day.

The connection between grandparents and grandchildren is unlike any other relationship. Science shows that grandparents live longer and kids are more emotionally resilient when they spend time together. Close inter-generational relationships also help kids to have a stronger sense of personal identity. Speaking of grandparents, Pope Francis said, “They remind us that old age is a gift and that grandparents are the link between generations, passing on the experience of life and faith to the young.”

The whole family can be involved in planning Grandparents Day activities, from a fun get-together to Zoom or FaceTime calls. Make lasting memories by sharing favorite old-time songs, creating a new tradition, or making up jokes. If you have fun, it won’t matter whether you’re together in one place or meeting virtually.