09:13 AM

Episode 54: Family Reunion Photos – Sorting the Clues


Since it’s Family Reunion season, that means we’re pretty likely to be posing for a group portrait. It’s part of most reunions…a visual gathering of everyone at the event.

Perhaps you’re part of a reunion gathering for everyone of a particular surname. Perhaps it’s an event that’s taken place for decades, if not a century, and there are group portraits of those.

I bet very few of them contain the names of the people in the image. There is a simple reason. If you know the names of everyone in the picture, you’re less likely to write identifications on them. The problem with that reasoning is that as time passes, so do the people who knew who was in the photo. Now the next generation has a photo mystery to solve. But how?

 As the Photo Detective I’ve developed methods to solving photo mysteries of all sizes from a picture of a single person to one that contains dozens. I’m going to share 5 tips so you can get started.