12:38 PM

8 Genealogy Podcasts That Will Make You a Better Researcher


A podcast is an informational, entertaining, and/or educational audio presentation that delivers regular episodes – most often on a specific theme. It’s like a radio show on demand.You can listen via your phone, tablet, laptop, smart speaker or similar devices from the website where it originates and stream directly from there. To listen to podcasts you can usually visit the website where it originates from and stream directly from there. Or you can download apps such as Apple Podcasts (apple devices, such as iphones), Google Podcasts (android devices), or listen through your favorite music services like Spotify or Pandora. Just search these apps for the topic or show you are interested in and listen at no cost (usually with some commercial interruption).

Among the 700,000 active podcasts available today are dozens of programs devoted to different aspects of family history research. ] We’ve included some favorites but, once you’ve checked these out, don’t hesitate to branch out and explore all of the other genealogy podcasts available out there (and those on history as well!) You’re sure to find a favorite.