09:42 AM

7 Journal Ideas to Help You Record Your Story


Keeping a record of our activities and current events will help us, as well as our descendants, understand our experiences. 

Consider some of the following journal ideas, and try one for yourself!

1. Paper Journals—A Conventional Method

If you prefer a more traditional journaling experience, use a regular journal or notebook to write down your story. Even if you write just one or two sentences at a time, your contributions will make a difference to your ancestors and to your personal well-being.

2. Digital Journaling: A Journal on the Go

A journal doesn’t just have to be pen and paper—thanks to mobile devices, your journal can always be in in your pocket. One advantage of keeping a digital journal is that you can journal on the go, chronicling events as they happen using either your cell phone or laptop.

3. Geo-Journaling: Where Do You Go, and What Do You Like to Do?

Studies show that the rising generation often relates more to experiences than they do to physical items. If you like to hike, bike, walk, or jog, try recording your experiences. Keeping a geo-journal is a journal idea that will keep you active and help you preserve treasured memories!