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#52stories Prompt Stickers (free download and giveaway)




All last year on the FamilySearch Instagram account a writing prompt was posted each week. It took me a little while to figure out how I wanted to organize document these prompts, but I would take a screenshot of the prompt and save it. When I decided on a simple Moleskine notebook (5"x 8.5"), I started organizing the prompts to be printed and added to the journal. It was a very simple format because I just wanted to be able to write a few thoughts. I added a prompt, which I printed on sticker paper and each page after cutting them out and then I would write. Sometimes I would write one a week, other times I would fill in all several prompts in one sitting.

Sometimes I would add a little decorative doodle, most times not. I didn't always finish when I started and will need to go back and fill in. It's been a relaxed and simple project. At the end of the year I had nine pages of prompts sitting on my hard drive, and that doesn't do anyone any good. So a couple of emails to FamilySearch and Kensie Smith, the designer of the prompts) and I have received permission to share the files with you.