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#52STORIES (free download: part 1)



YOUR STORIES MATTER! If you don't have a resolution yet, perhaps you will consider making this one: write a story a week. It's simple. It won't take too much time, and by the end of the year, you will have a treasure for future generations. FamilySearch has created a wonderful project called #52STORIES.

I wanted to create something a little more graphic that could help with this #52STORIES project. In the links below you will find 12 sections filled with 12 prompts (actually Education and School has 14 prompts) each. You can pick and choose the 52 things you want to write about. You could write about all 146 questions/themes. I have included 12x12 jpg, 300 dpi images for each of the 146 prompts so that you can print them off in any size you need. The possibilities are endless.