08:30 AM

5 Thanksgiving Activities to Add Family History to Your Thanksgiving Day Menu


With Thanksgiving Day coming up, millions of us will soon dig into Thanksgiving and all of its tasty traditions. As you gather with family and friends, consider incorporating family history into your Thanksgiving activities.

As you gather around the table on Thanksgiving Day, take a survey of who’s familiar with the Family Tree mobile app, and who’s not. Some tech-shy loved ones may have been intimidated by the notion of doing family history from a smartphone. They might not even be aware the app exists.

If your family has a no tech at the table policy, don’t despair. A great, simple family history Thanksgiving activity is to take turns sharing stories about your ancestors. Just because you’ve heard it 22 times, don’t assume everyone else at the table has heard the one about your late great-uncle Eddie getting his Chevy truck stuck in the muck in Memphis. Did Elvis Presley really dig him out of the mud? No one knows, but the story will add flavor to any Thanksgiving meal.

Sharing these family stories, from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, is a reminder of why we gather in the first place. And even if the stories are never added to the Memories app, they’ll always be posted in our hearts.