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40+ Journal Prompts to Capture Memories and Discover Yourself


Writing out your thoughts and feelings gives you the opportunity to work through them. Try using these journal prompts to get you going. FamilySearch Memories also offers a free and easy platform to write your journal and preserve it alongside your favorite pictures.

If you’re just getting started, quick and light-hearted prompts might be the perfect place to try your hand at journaling. Or if you’ve had a long day, light topics can be just the thing to get your mind off things as you write.

Exploring family memories and history opens avenues to discovering who you are. Finding family and cultural roots fosters a sense of belonging, which brings with it increased self-worth and resilience. Writing about your family is one of the many ways you can strengthen those ties.

Journaling provides an outlet to work through your thoughts and feelings. Try writing about what’s going on in your life right now and your feelings. You may find the experience to be a needed release.