10:33 AM

34 DNA Classes Will Fill Up Fast at #RootsTech 2018


As evidenced by the popularity of videos on the Family History Fanatics YouTube channel, DNA is the hot topic in genealogy, and RootsTech 2018 has 33 classes and 5 labs to address genetic genealogy. The spectrum of genetic classes is wide and several topics are particularly intriguing.

Anyone wonder what "Endogamy" means? It's the 'custom of marrying only within the limits of a local community, clan, or tribe.' If you have tree collapse issues, that would be a class worth considering, now that you know what the word means!

The rise in regional or ethnic-specific classes also is intriguing: DNA of the Jewish People, Tracing Slavery with DNA, The DNA of the British Isles are among these narrowed classes. If you have had questions about DNA with regards to these regions, you'll want to place the classes high on your list.

If you plan on attending a DNA class while at RootsTech, plan on arriving EARLY to the class as these workshops fill up fast as they are among the most popular on the schedule.