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25 tips & tricks for successful family history research!


Genealogist Emma Jolly has some wonderful tricks up her sleeve for finding your ancestors online. So get ready to fine-tune your web searches and watch the fruits of your labours grow on your family tree with these unmissable family history hacks... One of the reasons I began researching my family history in earnest back in 2000 was because I had heard about online records. Although web access was then expensive, I had free use at my university computer centre. Even then, with few records yet digitised, I soon learned that there were numerous techniques I could use to help me search more effectively.

Today, with ready smart phone access, it can feel like all we have to do is pull out our screens, type a few names into a search engine and our pedigree charts will fall into place. Amazingly enough, with a rare or well-recorded branch of the family that has been known to work. Yet for most of us – and most ancestral branches – a more targeted approach is required.

Here are my top 25 tips and tricks for swift and successful web research: