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1950 United States Census—Release Date and Research Help


The National Archives releases a census to the public only 72 years after the day the census was taken. Because census day in 1950 was 1 April, the 1950 census will be released to the public on the same date in 2022.

How long will it take to index the census? To give you some perspective of the scope of the project, approximately 132,164,569 persons were enumerated in the 1940 census. In contrast, the estimated population of the United States in 1950 was a little over 150 million.

In 2012, FamilySearch began the project to index the 1940 United States census in hopes of indexing the entire census in 6 months. With over 163,000 volunteers and several genealogical organizations contributing their time and efforts, the census was indexed in just 4 months except for Puerto Rico!

In the meantime, you can search and use many records now. Here are just a few.